1xBet Bonus Terms And Conditions ᐉ How To Use 1xBet Bonus In Nigeria

A welcome bonus from 1xBet bonus Nigeria is provided once, but there is a “Happy Friday” promotion, which can enrich a bettor’s bonus account for up to 110 $. The main thing is that the recharge happens on Friday. The terms of the action resemble the rules for wagering the first deposit, however, you need to scroll the win prize on express bets three times in the period up to 1 day from the moment it appears. In order not to lose all the bet and winnings, it should be put down before providing access to the withdrawal of all funds from the balance:

– Only active users who make at least one bet per day are allowed to the updated promotion. This was done so that bonus hunters could not visit the 1xBet bonus’s site only on Fridays to use the bonus. It is also forbidden to withdraw money on Friday before the first replenishment in order to exclude the possibility of live withdrawing funds on the email and depositing them back for the coveted available jackpot.

– Bettor in Nigeria has the right to disable the official promotion. To do this, he must go to the “Take part in 1xBet jackpot bonus promotions” section in his personal odds and uncheck it.

How to withdraw 1xBet bonus in your bill

Black Friday Promotion Abuja: 1xBet bonus terms and conditions:

– If you participate in the “Black Friday” promotion and don’t 1xBet bonus withdrawal money until next Wednesday by making 5 bets in this interval no less than the amount of the bonus received, then on Wednesday the player will automatically become a participant in the “Wednesday – multiply by 2 bonus withdrawal!” Campaign with identical wagering conditions.

How to bet using 1xBet bonus during the play

First Deposit bonus 1xBet at Abuja. The bookmaker gives new users the opportunity to accumulator a 100% first deposit bonus 1xBet. To participate, you must be registered on the site of how to bet using tht bonus, and then fill out the questionnaire with personal data. How to bet using 1xBet bonus comes with the first deposit, the maximum amount is 5000, the minimum is 100. Funds are credited instantly after all conditions are met in betting.

What is 1xBet jackpot bonus

It is important to remember that you can how to redeem the bonus within 30 days from the date of registration 1xBet and use it only once.

Bonus games 1xBet. How to redeem 1xBet bonus is one of the most famous betting companies, thanks to its wide bonus program and the availability of long-term promotions for popular tournaments.

In the “Bonus games” section, the player has the opportunity to try their luck in the games: 1xMemory, 1xLottery, 1xChest, 1xSafe, as well as in the Wheel of Fortune and the Daily Lottery.

How to get 1xBet bonus withdrawal

After participating, the bettor can receive prizes in the form of points, promotional codes and guaranteed gifts from 1xBet bonus conditions:

– 1xChest. A fairly simple game where the player must open one of the nine chests bonus conditions. The cost of one game is 50. To take part, just click on one chest in which super prizes, points and promotional codes from 1xBet can be hidden.

– 1xLottery. 1xBet offers its customers to participate in a lottery, where everything depends entirely on luck, rather than on the participant himself. Therefore, the chances of winning significantly increase when buying several lottery tickets. The customer will need to click on one ticket from the entire list. The lottery ticket consists of 9 fields in which you need to erase three fields. Winning is summed up from the points earned and credited to the bonus account. Once a month, the administration plays a super prize hidden in one lottery ticket.

– 1xMemory. The player is presented with 9 cards that are turned upside down. You must click on one of them to display an image with sports attributes on the card. If the picture coincides on the second click, then the player receives a bonus in the form of point’s 1xBet bonus terms and conditions. Three attempts are allocated for the game, which will cost 50. One successful attempt gives 25 points, the second – 75 points, the third – 250 points. Also, the organizers of the 1xMemory game once a week raffle valuable prizes among the most active players, who know, how to withdraw the bonus.

– 1xSafe. The game is identical with how to withdraw 1xBet bonus, but in this case you need to open safes, not treasure chests. Only 9 safes, the player needs to open only one. The cost of one game is 1 $. As a prize, you can get bonus points, a promotional code and a valuable gift from 1xBet.

– 1xBet Daily Lottery. You need to choose the number of tickets to buy, one will cost 50. A draw takes place daily and a winner is determined. Even if you lose, you have a chance to win the lottery. Each week, 1xBet raffles off lottery tickets for players who failed to win, and at the end of the month all remaining tickets. Even if you lose, you have a chance to win the lottery.

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