Africa DMC and Tour Operator.

Our number ONE goal is to offer the highest quality services that will make your clients fall in love with Africa.

For  25 Years as DMC in Africa make  Excellent Guides Tours & Safaris to lead others in the travel industry. Our headquarter is in Arusha the heart of Safari capital in Africa and East Africa.

Currently, we are working with 20   Tour operators, travel agencies, and other related businesses from different countries to ensure Holidays Dreamers are experiencing the unforgettable African adventure.

To provide a distinct experience, Excellent Guides Tours & Safaris organizes its safaris based on:

1. Sustainable tourism that allows minimal environmental and habitat impact.
Education within the local population allows communities to be protectors and champions of the ecosystems while appreciating and being respectful of customs, language, and ways of life.
2.Authentic and unscripted nature, wildlife, and cultural experience with low tourist numbers at safari camps and lodges.
3.Responsibility in caring for the environment, business practices, fair trade, and high-quality operational standards.
4.Conservation model to protect wildlife, reduce pressure and encroachment on the ecology.
5.Hospitality inclusion of communities, and support of camps, lodges, and transportation organizations who are genuinely focused on local investment and the creation of community employment.





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For 25 Years in African Safari, build our Knowledge, Experience, and other resources that guarantee your Clients the best rates which will help to meet their vacation Dreams affordably.


There is tremendous variety between one safari accommodation and another, each excelling in different aspects, with a range of amenities to be offset in determining an overall rank. Our unique level Ranking details give you the information you need to take the uncertainty out of your choice. You can be sure of getting precisely what you specify when you rely on our expertise. There are no nasty surprises. The only thing in doubt is how much your tour will exceed your expectations. We insist on an absolute standard of excellence and distinctive consistency so that, if a venue falls below par in any one core attribute e.g. number of rooms and guests being higher, it cannot be classed in Safari level one but becomes Safari level two, even though most of its facilities are better than you might anticipate.

We make regular and annual personal visits to all accommodations recommended to assess their quality and consistent adherence to Level ranking requisites. These apply equally to all aspects of your safari with us, not only to the accommodation, food, and service but also to the quality of your wilderness, wildlife, cultural and guide experience, and expertise. we balance their recommendations fairly so that a client at Safari level three will still enjoy similar access to ambient ecosystems and wildlife as a guest at a more opulent safari base. The difference will lie in the exclusivity of the location, wellbeing and comfort, flexibility of viewing arrangements, logistical convenience, quality of cuisine, etc.

Levels of Accommodations.

We have categorized Accommodation into3 Levels. All levels offer a choice of lodge or tented camp. Lodges are permanent solid structures of wood or stone, whereas tented camp suites are canvas quarters built on raised wooden decks, some with sheltering thatched roofs or an extra canvas awning. Both lodge and camp rooms have en-suite bathrooms, spacious rooms with large beds, mosquito protection, tables, chairs, and storage facilities. There is usually the main dining area, bar, and lounge with excellent views.

Level 1 –Premier Experience.

The Best of African safari accommodation in a stunning exclusive location, offering sheer biuniqueness or rustic wilderness luxury, with individual attention, flexibility, and superlative standards of comfort and cuisine in an all-inclusive tariff. Wherever possible, access to the parks will be by air or Jeep on your African vacation.

Level one is recommended for clients for whom superlative quality is all, who are happy to splash out on the very best options available for maximal experiences. Generally away from main tourist areas or in off-beat private conservancies in very small, intimate camps and lodges with few guests, it offers the ultimate dream safari with exclusive accommodation, exemplary game viewing in a customized 4×4 vehicle, and the very best guides allocated with the ultimate experience and distinctive knowledge. 

Level 2.- Deluxe Experience.

Denotes a deluxe or mid-range approach, less opulent and lesser flexibility than level one. There may be more suites and guests, and the safari camps and lodges are located in strategic wildlife locations in national parks and also off-beat private conservancies. Standards are excellent with delightful surroundings, spacious rooms, delicious meals, and a friendly atmosphere, often with a home-from-home ambiance. Expect very pleasant and helpful domestic staff – the heart of any accommodation.

Level 3.- Value Experience.

Safari level three is for budget-conscious clients who prefer to economize on tour accommodation and services, focusing more on authentic wildlife experiences. Most cost savings come from locations in main tourist areas. Meals and activities are usually timetable-based.

Expect savings to be reflected in the least personalization of safari services, no-frills accommodation in a dream destination, and simple but adequate, filling meals. In general, the level three lodgings cater for the mass market, often with double or increased the number of guest rooms than in a level two, although there are increasing numbers of smaller budget value niche camps and lodges with fewer rooms and guests in a personable setting.

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We have specialized in tailor-made African Holidays and Safaris for more than  25 years NOW.  Our knowledge and experience will guarantee your Clients the best possible itinerary within their budget and own travel dates, with Risk-Free Booking systems.

Our Vehicles

Roads in the Serengeti are rough enough to mix their own martinis, but these bumps don’t matter to you because you are fully comfortable inside this modern safari vehicle.
It’s sort of like an SUV on steroids: a fully customized Land Cruiser complete with a pop-up roof, seven individual bucket seats, multiple device plugins, and its own cooler. Yes, a built-in cooler full of water.

The camera battery from your personal outlet beeps. Fully charged. You load your camera then turn to the friend sitting behind you and ask for a bottle of water. Sure! He pries open the vehicle’s cooler full of

 ice-cold beverages. After a sip, you stand up and stick your head out of the pop-top just in time for the driver to spot three lionesses hunting wildebeest to your right. Camera in hand, fully charged you are ready. You are in the game. You are in the mix, surrounded by the wildest place on Earth and watching the predator-prey drama unfold from the comforts of your personal, four-wheeled safari stronghold. You think to yourself: This is a life fully lived.

Our Vehicle Fleet.
For over two decades, Excellent Guides Tours & Safaris has been developing an impressive fleet of 97 customized Land Cruisers to navigate Tanzania with an exceptional record of performance and safety. Let’s first take a quick look under the hood of your typical Travel vehicle, then cover three reasons why Excellent Guides Tours & Safaris Travel’s rigs consistently rank as some of the best in the business.
Under the Hood: A Quick Tour of an Excellent Guides Tours & Safaris Safari Vehicle
What does it take for an automobile to endure weeks on the road in Tanzania? A lot.                  

It requires a fully-loaded, fully-maintained four-wheel-drive SUV with all the extra bells and whistles.

That’s precisely what every safari comes with. Some specs:

  • 4×4 Custom-built Land Cruisers.
  • Heavy-duty wheels.
  • Extra fuel tanks.
  • Opening, sliding windows.
  • Power sockets for cameras, smartphones, etc.
  • Pop-up hatch.
  • Sits 7 individual chairs plus a driver.
  • The refrigerator is full of cold water and soft drinks.

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