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For those who have been following the posts on this blog for a while now, we have been teaching people about how to use the various features on NairaBET. So far, we’ve discussed about how to open a NairaBET account, how to place your bets and, most recently, how to check your bet history.

With this knowledge, your betting experience becomes as easy as possible and your winnings become unlimited. But how do you withdraw your winnings from your NairaBET account into your bank account?

Step 3: Click on the Account/Profile icon

Once you’re logged in, you will need to click on the Profile/Account icon (that looks like a head in the image below).

A list of menu will drop down. Simply look downwards and click on “Wallet”. There’ll be another set of dropdown menus, and this is where you’ll see “Withdraw Funds”.

See the image below for clarity:

Step 4: Click on “Withdraw Funds”

Click on “Withdraw Funds” and you’ll be taken to the withdrawal page. If you already added your bank account, you’ll see it there. If not, you’ll be required to add a bank account (which you’d also have to verify).

Select your bank, fill in your account number, choose your account name and then click on the “Add Method” button.

Please ensure that the account details you will be registering is the same as the one with which you registered your NairaBET account. Anything different from this will cause complications when you try to make a withdrawal.

After your account is verified, you can then proceed to make your withdrawal.

NB: Instead of having to wait until you need to withdrawal to verify your account, you can as well proceed to do it as soon as possible. Once the verification process is out of the way, you’re free to make your withdrawals without any delays.

Step 5: Make Your Withdrawal

After registering your account, you will have to wait for a couple of days before your account is verified (can you see why it’s better to verify beforehand?). Once it is verified, you can then input the amount you want to withdraw and then click on the “Make Withdrawal” button.

Making withdrawals from your NairaBET account is as easy as saying “NairaBET”. Put these steps to use and begin to enjoy easy withdrawals.

If you have read this and you still have issues with making withdrawals, you can always reach out to our customer care representatives by calling 0700NAIRABET (i.e 070062472238) and you will definitely get some help.

Have you made withdrawals from your NairaBET account before? How did it go? Leave us a comment and let us learn from your experience.

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