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Our 20 years of experience in Africa safari guided us to work with many top-class Travel Agencies including  Virtuous  Agencies, with such years we managed to put together  Custom Travel Packages for their Clients to Tanzania, a destination we know in-depth and with first-hand experience.

With all those years we’ve successfully created unbeatable trips that keep their  Clients coming back to  Tanzania frequently.

 Not only that but we managed to pay very competitive commissions to up to $1000 per person !.


Luxury Small Group Journeys

Tanzania Safari in Style
Offer is Valid From 23 March to 30 April 2023.
Limited to 12Guests |12 Days

Luxury Tailor Made Travel.

Signature Great Migration Safari
Offer is Valid From 23 March to 30 May 2023
Limited to 24 Guests |12 Days

Luxury Family Journeys

Family Africa 2021/22

Offer is Valid From 15 February to 25 May 2023.
Limited to 12 Guests |12 Days


Our safari program is as vast and varied as the continent’s magnificent landscapes, from the classics done right, to out-of-the-way adventures.

Our renowned safari program includes phenomenal wildlife safaris, fascinating cultural journeys, exclusive camps, and unique itineraries.

With small group departures of just 8 to 15 guests, and a full program of Private and Family Journeys that can be customized, we have the widest range of safaris, with the most intriguing adventures to choose from.