How To Play Mega Jackpot For Your Customer – NairaBET Agent

NairaBET has introduced another way you can help your customers make money. And this is much more fun than what most people are used to.

You can now help your customers play the Mega Jackpot.

How does this work?

The Mega Jackpot is similar to lottery tickets. It is possible for you to win as much as six to seven figures just by playing the jackpot.

Unlike local jackpots that are restricted to one casino or website, the Mega Jackpot is a Global Jackpot. It is open to everyone, that is, anyone can play.

To understand the Mega Jackpot, you need to know that Jackpot is a pool that is applicable to virtual games and drops on winning tickets. It is called ‘MEGA’ because a huge sum is up for grabs and can also be referred to as ‘Global’ because it can randomly drop in any Nairabet shop in the country.

Eventually, someone from any of the NairaBET shops will unlock the big one and win, hence the name MEGA JACKPOT.

Since this is global, more people are contributing to the prize pool and winnings are also larger. Each time you play a virtual game in the shop, a small percentage of your stake contributes to the central prize pool. However, as expected, there are more people playing for the mega prize in the Mega Jackpot.

Once the jackpot reaches a set threshold (threshold is varied so the jackpot pattern doesn’t become predictable), the jackpot amount will drop on any winning ticket. The jackpot screen will display that the jackpot has been won and the customer must present his ticket to claim his jackpot plus winnings. Then the jackpot starts to grow again.

How does the jackpot affect my commission?

Jackpot’s contribution has no impact on your weekly commission.

Is jackpot optional?

The jackpot feature is not optional for agents.

It is a means of rewarding your customers, and happy customers will keep coming back – that gives you more sales. Regard it as a marketing cost with a guaranteed return on investment.

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