What Is Your Favourite NairaBET Feature?

It was indeed an eventful month of May!

From the conclusion of several football leagues in the world to the anticipation of the FIFA World Cup and many other competitions around the world, May has arguably been one of the best months of the year for sports lovers.

And for all the talk about these Slot Gacor Maxwin different sports coming up, we hope that you’re making (or you’ve made) some money by placing your bets via NairaBET on these sporting events.

Those who have made NairaBET their preferred sports betting platform have many bocoran slot gacor hari ini different reasons they’ve remained NairaBET customers.bit.ly One of the biggest reasons is the amazing features NairaBET boasts!

In this blog post, we will be taking a look at some of these features.

1. You can edit your bets after placing them

One of the ways to make the most money from betting is to accumulate great games with good odds.

But of course it has its own downside: the more games you add up, the higher the chance of you making a mistake and one game ‘cutting’ your bet ticket.

We’ve all been there before right? That ‘na just one game’ feeling.

But with NairaBET’s ‘edit your bets’ situs judi slot terbaik dan terpercaya no 1 feature, this has stopped being an issue for bettors who have chosen to be NairaBET customers. With this feature, users can edit their bets even after they’ve placed their stake. Talk about one of a kind.

2. 10% bonus on deposits every Monday

Can you think of any other sports betting platform that gives you 10% bonus on your deposits? And they do it every Monday? Can you think of any?

This is yet another feature that NairaBET customers enjoy, the Monday Funding Madness (#NairaBETMFM). Customers are rewarded for funding their betting accounts on Monday with 10% bonus added to their bet account.

3.bit.ly Bet Suggestions

This is one feature that is exclusive to the NairaBET platform. This feature is an algorithm built into the NairaBET website that suggests bets for NairaBET users.

The only thing you need to use the “bet suggest” feature is the amount of odds you intend to place your wager on and how much you want to stake. Once you know these two things, the computer will help you to generate games that fall within the odds range you requested for.

Click here to see the complete guide on how to use NairaBET’s Bet Suggestion feature.

4. Customer to Customer funds transfer

This NairaBET feature allows customers to transfer funds to each other’s bet account.

Instead of going through the hassle of funding your bet account via online banking or the ATM or using USSD code, you can just have your friend use the customer-to-customer funds transfer feature to send you a few extra bucks with which to play with.

5. If one game cut your ticket, NairaBET will still pay you

This is another feature that makes NairaBET better than the rest.

If you place your bet on NairaBET, and one game messes up your accumulator, NairaBET will make sure you still go home with something, instead of losing it all.


6. GTBank USSD Code Funding

Do you want a faster way to fund your NairaBET account without going to bank and when nobody wants to transfer to you?

Then it’s the NairaBET GTBank USSD funding.

As long as you have a GTB account (and have money in your account), you can simply dial the code: *737*50*Amount*88#. Then follow the instructions that come up on your phone.

And just laidat, you have money in your NairaBET account.

7.bit.ly FREE Browsing on MTN

Just imagine still being able to browse the different games available and place your bets, even when you don’t have data.

Well, you can stop imagining it now…because it already exists.

Yes, on NairaBET.

NairaBET only.

Without data you can now browse NairaBET for free, as long as you’re using MTN. In fact, if you have data, your phone switches to data-free mode as soon as you enter the NairaBET website with an MTN SIM.

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